Wrongful Death Claims

Having cared for critically ill children in pediatric ICUs at Yale New Haven and San Diego Children’s hospitals, Thom has witnessed first-hand, the fatal consequences of negligence, abuse, and preventable events. It’s difficult for him to forget the gravity of carrying a lifeless toddler wrapped in a plastic shroud to the morgue and leaving that innocent life on a cold steel gurney alone. He understands the importance of being prepared and calm during life and death emergencies. Thom worked as part of a team of dedicated nurses, physicians, respiratory therapists, counselors, social workers, etc. He understands issues from the healthcare provider’s perspective, based on his unique education and experience as a registered nurse. This experience along with his education and certifications in advanced resuscitation techniques, trauma protocols and teaching basic life support provided him with advanced knowledge he applied in handling wrongful death claims. Most of his litigation experience with wrongful death cases involved medical malpractice cases, from birth injuries to elder abuse. The wide scope of experience in his personal life, as a PICU nurse and a trial attorney for both sides, gives him a level of compassion and understanding which makes him uniquely qualified to serve as a subject competent neutral mediator.