Employment Practices

We have recovered tens of millions of dollars in pursuit of California workers’ rights and won every wage/employment case we have taken to trial on behalf of employees, including appeal.

Most of these cases which went to trial involved wage and hour claims, both individual and representative PAGA claims. Some of those trials also included employment practices claims including the following:

Trial Results For Employment Practice Claims


$4.25 Million Dollar Recovery, After Four Week Trial

Horton v. Trident Society, Inc., Neptune Society, Inc. Neptune Management Corp., SCI Direct, Inc., and Guy Allen, SDSC Case No. 37-2016-00039356-CU-OE-CTL. Preliminary decision issued on April 19, 2019, in favor of our client for sexual harassment (for which court awarded $250,000 (everything we asked for), $70,402.90 for individual wage claims, PAGA (Private Attorney General Act) claims on behalf of over 30 outside salespeople and costs/fees award as the prevailing party bringing the total judgment to just under $2.5 million. This was followed by recovery of an additional $1.325 million for 13 additional individual worker misclassification/wage claims. This brought the total recovery to ~$3.8 million. Three other individual claims referred out yielded an additional $455,000, bringing the total payout to ~$4.25 million.


Post Trial Judgment of $180,498, Representing A Car Sales Finance Manager:

Flamingo Car Group v. Ghadrdan, and related cross actions, SDSC Case No. GIC 857893. After completion of trial, Thom Diachenko defeated the employer’s affirmative employment practice related legal claims and obtained a judgment for client (employee) on a cross-complaint for misclassification and various forms of unpaid wages.