Law Offices of Thomas M. Diachenko

AS A SMALL SAN DIEGO BUSINESS SINCE 2000, we understand, first hand, the day to day of small businesses in our community.

Before practicing law, our team had real life experience in a wide variety of business sectors. We have had to hold various jobs in order to fund our education and make a living before we began practicing law. So, we have a good sense for the business community and what other people do for a living. Attorneys Diachenko and Brown have many years of experience providing legal consultation and to various types of businesses which requires an understanding of the business itself. We understand the challenges of small businesses because that is what we are. Our representation of employees gives us a special skill-set to help small businesses who seek our services.


- Employment Practices
- Wage/Pay Audits
- General Consultation re Pay/Employment Practices & Certain Contract Disputes

It is our belief that our small business clients’ best interests are served by being proactive and ensuring sound legal decisions to avoid litigation. Our work with small businesses typically involves general consultation with everyday legal issues and litigation avoidance. We represent small businesses against big businesses when there is a legal dispute and, if necessary, will represent our small business clients through litigation. We generally do not represent businesses as employers against employees who file lawsuits for wage/employment matters, however, we may do so on occasion in special circumstances.

We take pride in the fact that we are small practice which can provide high quality legal services without charging exorbitant fees. We have handled litigation involving small business matters such as contract disputes, unfair competition, trade secrets, and employment issues. We know what the most common legal risks are for small businesses and seek to help businesses avoid the legal pitfalls so business owners can focus on running their business instead of defending themselves in a courtroom while paying significant sums of money which they will likely never recoup.