Hands on work in acute and critical care nursing in the 1980s followed by 35 years as a multi-dimensional trial attorney serve as the foundation of our mediation services, JUST RESOLUTIONS.

Mediation is a voluntary process which seeks resolution to avert the risk and the cost of further litigation,  trial, and/or appeal. We understand most issues from multiple angles because we have seen things from other points of view. Much like our Victorian-era office, we have stood the test of time because of our comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in case construction and value.

In addition, Thom has received formal mediation training to maximize his effectiveness to serve your mediation needs.

Our beautiful Victorian-era home where we have officed since 2009 provides a unique classic separate space for each party. In-person mediations include complimentary parking, comfortable conference rooms, gardens, porches, and a full kitchen.

Thom’s Experience & Expertise

Practice as an attorney for both sides in multiple practice areas provides extraordinary perspective to settle virtually any case. Over the span of his legal career, Thom Diachenko has gone to trial dozens of times for both sides (plaintiffs and defendants) in 3 different practice areas (general negligence, professional negligence, and wage/employment).

Thom’s first twelve years of practice were almost exclusively as defense counsel in medical malpractice cases. He successfully defensed hundreds of cases over that time, including multiple defense verdicts and successful appeals. After this, Thom’s litigation experience involved the defense of medical malpractice, employment and personal injuries claims until he transitioned to plaintiff’s personal injury, medical malpractice, and wage/employment cases.

Thom has received verdicts on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in three separate practice areas: medical malpractice (professional negligence), personal injury (general negligence) and wage/employment cases.

Thom is able to relate to counsel and clients on both sides because he has worked win those different roles. Perspective and subject matter expertise are key to his success as a mediator.