Just Resolutions

We are thrilled to announce the addition of mediation to our litigation and consultation services as we continue to resolve legal issues and disputes. We have adapted our office, a designated historic Victorian-era home, into state-of-the-art, spacious mediation suites conveniently located in the Banker’s Hill neighborhood of San Diego, on the corner of 3rd and Fir.

Just Resolutions provides unique subject matter experience and competency in employment, wage, personal injury/loss, medical malpractice and health care-related legal matters.

Our Services


We serve as a neutral third party to settle legal disputes using our years of experience since 1981 taking care of critically ill patients and of clients with legal issues and disputes, to obtain Just Resolutions with subject matter expertise.

Legal Consultation

We provide specialized analysis and tailored solutions for clients to avoid litigation and ensure legal compliance primarily for employment and wage issues.

Civil Litigation

Thom Diachenko has served as an advocate in litigation (including trials and appeals) since 1989 in wage, employment, catastrophic personal injury/loss lawsuits.

Specialty Areas

Wage and Hour Claims

Legal Consultation

Employment Practices

Representative Wage Claims

Personal Injury, Malpractice & Abuse

Wrongful Death Claims

About Us

Hands on work in acute and critical care nursing in the 1980s followed by 35 years as a civil trial attorney, forms the foundation of our consultation and mediation services. A wide range of professional experiences has provided our office with broad insight, advanced subject matter competency, familiarity, and perspective which enables us to settle virtually any case. We understand most issues from multiple angles because we have seen things from other points of view.

About Attorney, Thom Diachenko

Over the span of his legal career, Thom Diachenko has gone to trial dozens of times for both sides (plaintiffs and defendants) in 3 different practices areas (general negligence, professional negligence and wage/employment). Thom Diachenko’s work as a pediatric ICU nurse before and during law school combined with 35 years as a multi-dimensional trial attorney and specialized legal consultant serve as the foundation for Just Resolutions. Much like our Victorian era office, we have stood the test of time because of our comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved in case construction and value, giving us the keys to resolution through our new mediation services.